Our vision is to be an intermediate between undeveloped and developed countries. To help create a firm foundation for orphans, youths and parents (specifically widows and widowers).


The Otchere’s Foundation for Hope is a Non-Profit Organization whose  mission is to improve the overall well-being of individuals in undeveloped countries through initiatives such as: Education, Health and Wellness, and empowerment. The Foundation is focused on creating a better world for orphans, youths and parents (specifically widows and widowers).

Our goal is to lend a helping hand, where needed the most, to improve the lives of our future generations by helping them directly, as well as those who impact their lives. Through collaborative efforts, not only will we raise awareness to the sufferings of undeveloped countries, we will implement creative solutions that will ensure that people can sustain themselves.

The Foundation aims to make the world a smaller place by bringing different cultures, people and communities together through the powerful spirit of volunteerism, to encourage common human emotions that can bring about extraordinary results. Tacking these issues with collaborative efforts ensure success as well as a better generation

Join US! help make the world a better place through your actions.


January, 2018

Mental Health Awareness,

According to the world health organisation mental health, more than 450 million accross the globe suffer from mental illness. However, most part of the globe lack education and resources, which include Ghana, West Africa. This project will help educate people on mental health and how the community can assist to reduce the number of people walking around the streets. Facilities will be set up, (with the help of donors) to accomodate individuals struggling from mental health. More effort will be put in this project and volunteers are welcome to support this project.


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October, 2018

Classroom construction,

We hope to raise funds to build schools for rural area and also provide school materials

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October, 2019

Cancer Awareness program,

This project is set up to educate the selected Ghanaian communities about cancer and also to provide free screening for the community. We hope to also provide resources to as many communities as possible. Also, diagnosed individuls will be reffered to best hospitals for treatment.

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