Nana is a Co- founder of the Otchere’s Foundation for Hope Inc. she have a background of Health education and basic knowledge in aviation. She acquired a bachelor’s degree at City University of New York and plans to pursue a Masters in Public Health Administration. Nana is very passionate about putting a bright smile on peoples face. Nana had previously served as treasurer of CUNY York College June 2010, she also volunteered at American Airlines UNICEF Fund Drive and New York Food Bank and she held a position as a public relations officer 2012 with United Youth Organization of Ghana.
Nana Interned at the American Cancer Society in New York, (Queens) during her service she developed the passion to also involve herself in helping to educate people about cancer and to help those who already have the disease.Nana said she wishes to make the world a better place for orphans like her and her siblings, so this foundation will be an enormous opportunity to do what she loves most.



Maame is a graduate from the City University of New York, City College with a bachelors in biology and she plan to pursue a degree in pharmacy. After this she hopes to work as a Pharmacist. Maame is very passionate about helping people and she believes she will be of great help as a doctor of pharmacy. She also believes that The Otcheres foundation for Hope Inc. is a great opportunity for her to help as many people as possible.
Maame held a position as a president with the United Youth Organization of Ghana and she also volunteered with the Elmhurst hospital in New York, Queens. In addition, she volunteered at the cancer walk 2012. Maame plans to organize programs base on sport and her best interest is soccer. She believes sports can help boost ones physical ability, which can help in reducing diseases. Maame said she is more than ready to get some work done to help change lives.



Ama is a graduating senior at the University at Albany, with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Globalization and Criminal Justice. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Law Degree or Masters in International Relations.  She has a keen sense of justice and love helping people. Through her studies and community work, Ama have worked with numerous and diverse people, which opened her eyes to a variety of cultures and histories. She has a passion for languages, and she is gradually increasing her language ability. Ama currently studied in Spain, Barcelona to learn about the culture, the language and the people. She claimed, “It was an eye opener to the world and the numerous struggles. This encouraged me to get involved internationally or fight for the justice of those that I can. For the ones that I cannot, this Organization is a way of encouraging and involving others to take an initiative to help while they can. I also plan on initializing programs based on sports (which is another passion of mine), to help children who have nothing to do after school or during the summer. This will inevitably boost their physical abilities, as well as their opportunities as a great candidate to a University”.



Mr. Otchere is a Co-Founder of the foundation, he’s looking forward to acquire his degree in Radiology at the City University of New York. He has a passion for music and has been playing trumpet since age 12. He took Music classes to better his talent and played with the York College school band (2009). Mr. Otchere is also in love with Soccer and intends to help develop the talent of orphans and youth who might be interested in learning how to play any instrument and soccer.
He received certification as one of the best easy tech specialist at staples Inc. where he used to work. Mr. Otchere is passionate about helping people especially children and he is looking forward to use this opportunity to help those who really need help. He claimed, “I love to help in taking care of children, assisting them in discovery their talent and helping them to develop it. This is a great opportunity for me to help in any way I possibly can”.