You can become a volunteer in any of the available programs. Send us your info and interest and we will provide you with all the detailed information.


This program will involve educating communities about deadly diseases and how to prevent most of them. This will be implemented by creating awareness programs as much a needed in the reachable communities. Some of the projects includes cancer awareness program (which will be implement early next year), awareness about sexually transmeitted diseases, hypytension obesity and many more.

Educational Program
We are looking forward to help build school facilities for deserted areas so the people in the community can have safe and better education settings for their children. In addition, we will be establishing facilities to help individuals who have interest in learning a trade, so they can also have a better future. We are looking forward to help in sponsoring individuals who need assistance (financial and tutoring) through school.

Sport Programs
Many at times individuals are not in shape and when that happens, all kinds of diseases get involve and it becomes a big problem for the families and the community. In order to eliminate such problems, sports programs will be establish to help individuals who are willing to learn new skills and get in shape at the same time. Activities such as rowing, soccer, volley, tennis and many more will be made available especially when school is on break or it will be after school program in certain areas.

General Community Program
 In this section of our projects we make room for any complain that may come to our notice which might need urgent attention. This includes latrine sanitation,  water distribution, and many more. We welcome project suggestions from residence in any location.


Support programs will be established for individuals who are already suffering from diseases such as cancer,HIV/AIDS etc. so they can receive the necessary treatments to prevent death and screenings will be provided to less priviledge communities.

Other Mentoring Programs
We have projects building classrooms for communities, donating clothes, providing food to the most needed communities,tutoring, road trips, providing school materials and many more.

These projects are in process and all support and donations are welcome...