Gramps always said: “respect where you are but never forget where you came from”. It’s a phrase that always stuck. As a family we struggled through some unfortunate times, through death (the lost of our father at our tender ages), financial instability and many more. Moving from our native land (Ghana) to find greener pastures in an unfamiliar country. Four children struggling with their lovely single mother, who strived to make the best life for them. Needless to say there were tough times ahead but hard work and dedication paid off.

So who are we? We are your average colleagues, friends, siblings who through hardships which became learning experiences. We are about taking action, changing the lives of orphans, youth, giving a helping hand to our precious mothers (widows) and our fathers (widowers) who strive for the best for us. And there is more better way to do that than remember where we came from by implementing programs that brightens the future of our next generation, and also respecting where we are by doing the same.


January, 2018

Mental Health Awareness,

According to the world health organisation mental health, more than 450 million accross the globe suffer from mental illness. However, most part of the globe lack education and resources, which include Ghana, West Africa. This project will help educate people on mental health and how the community can assist to reduce the number of people walking around the streets. Facilities will be set up, (with the help of donors) to accomodate individuals struggling from mental health. More effort will be put in this project and volunteers are welcome to support this project.


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October, 2018

Classroom construction,

We hope to raise funds to build schools for rural area and also provide school materials

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October, 2019

Cancer Awareness program,

This project is set up to educate the selected Ghanaian communities about cancer and also to provide free screening for the community. We hope to also provide resources to as many communities as possible. Also, diagnosed individuls will be reffered to best hospitals for treatment.

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